FACT Relief was formed to help families dealing with a catastrophic illness or injury. Our programs are designed to support people who require around the clock care and/or serious rehabilitative regimens. We pay medical bills on behalf of families struggling to care for a loved one due to the significant financial strain related to these issues.

Accident and Injury Fund Program – This program aims to provide support to families with young or dependent children who have experienced a life-altering accident or injury. We assist with uninsured medical costs and necessary living expenses to ensure appropriate care and prevent financial devastation.  

Project Hope Program – This program is aimed at families with young/dependent children who have lost their major source of income due to a catastrophic injury or illness.   

Brian Parker Enhanced Quality of Life (EQOL) Program – This program is designed to help those who are living with paralysis with the out-of-pocket costs associated with around-the-clock caregiving. This program was just launched in 2022 and has already helped several families living with paralysis.  

Quiet Hero Party Program – This program is for those who have been impacted by ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), to support families dealing with the tremendous financial burden that comes with such a disease.  This program offers grants to both families battling ALS as well as grants toward research and ALS programming.   Find out more at quietheroparty.com.

Click the button below to donate to our programs, or support a specific beneficiary. Every dollar counts and helps our mission. Thank you!